Sarah Field
Jennifer King
Nadia Mercuri
Jasmine Targett
Bethany Wheeler
July 24th, 2015 – August 15th, 2015

“The state of emergency in which we all live is not the exception but the rule.”Benjamin, Malcolm Miles, ‘Aesthetics In A Time Of Emergency’

Transfixed by the immanent threat of natural and anthropocentric disasters, A Sinister Beauty examines the sphere of inter-human relations that camouflage ‘states of emergency’, impacting the individual intimately and society collectively. The artists employ dark humour and poetic potency to reflect on the polarising relationship between awe and terror; that simultaneously engages and repels. Working with images, materials and techniques that access a shared history, the works interrogate the micro-politics that exist between art and other spheres. The undertone being that there is a sense of guilty pleasure in viewing works of such sinister beauty.

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  • Sarah Field, 'The Abject Body' (detail), 2015, resin, stainless steel meat hooks, steel chain, blown glass, 3 x 2.5 x 2.5m

  • Jennifer King, 'Three Minutes to Midnight' (detail) 2015, sandblasted Uranium glass, clock parts, 140 x 140 x 6cm

  • Nadia Mercuri, 'The Truth Is Out There! If You Want It' (detail) 2015, blown glass, cast lead crystal, 103 x 88 x 31cm

  • Jasmine Targett, 'Smoke Signal' 2015, silk, 100 x 155cm

  • Bethany Wheeler, 'The Dew of Compassion' (detail) 2015, tow rope, fishing float, lead sinker, fishing line, flame worked glass & fused glass, 230 x 66 x 52cm

  • Sarah Field, 'Mourning Trophy's', porcelein, hair, stainless steel pins, antique glass, 2015, 20 x15 x 7cm

  • Nadia Mercuri, 'THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! If You Want It', 2015, blown Glass, cast lead crystal, found object, vitrine, 103 x 88 x 31cm

  • Bethany Wheeler, 'Cast a Line', 2014, lost wax cast glass, flamed glass, mirror, lens blanks, fishing float, lead sinkers, silk & wood, dimensions variable

  • 'A Sinister Beauty', Installation view, 2015

  • 'A Sinister Beauty', Installation view, 2015