By Jessika Schwientek

This workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the Cyanotype process. Participants will explore the idea of catching shadows by using simple chemistry and the power of the sun.

Participants will begin the class by preparing paper professionally for printmaking, mixing chemistry and sensitising both paper and cotton fabric for use throughout the day. (All resulting prints will be archival and museum quality.) Once paper is prepared and dried participants will experiment with photograms of plant life, textiles and 3D objects to get a good understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the process. At this point participants are urged to play around and think outside of the box. Whilst students are experimenting with photograms, one by one they will prepare and print digital negatives for the next portion of the class. With printing experience, participants will now be able to utilise their skills for printing photographic positives from the negatives they prepared earlier in the class. Students will be given free time to continue printing in any method they choose and will be encouraged to mix the two together to make unique creative works of art.

Class dates: April 29, 10am – 4pm
Maximum class size: 10 people
Price: $175

To book please email
No prior knowledge of the process is required.

* Participants should bring 4x original digital images/photographs to turn into negatives on a USB!

Hour 1 – Preparing Paper and Chem

Looking at artists and history.

Planning our first prints

Hour 2 – Experimenting with Photograms

Looking at each others prints and deciding what works and doesn’t work well

One by one preparing and Printing digital negatives

Hour 3 – Finish printing everyone’s digital negatives

Printing positives from our prepared negative

Hour 4 – Free time to experiment

Wrap Up