DARKROOM RED LODGE ~ The creation of a talisman ~
By Paulina Hupe

This one day workshop is designed to connect your creative self to your spiritual practice, using darkroom printing and personal objects. It is a unique chance to transform and heal with your own hands, as you learn the alchemical processes of traditional Photography. You will experience basic darkroom printing in the making of your own sacred object, within a ritualistic context. As a result, you will create up to five personal talismans. As we move towards the darkest times of the year, dive deep into the transformative darkroom experience, to work with light & shadow, and find true inspiration.

Two class dates:
Saturday March 17, 12 – 4pm
Sunday May 20, 12 – 4pm

Individual pass $133
Double pass $222
The individual pass grants you an enlarger for yourself. If you have a friend who you would like to share an enlarger with, you may purchase a double pass together. Only 2 double passes available.

Bookings limited to 9 students per class. Book soon to secure a place via info@strangeneighbour.com


Some objects will be provided, but it is highly recommended that you bring your treasure box with items from your private universe. This will heighten your Magick and give you unique results. Examples are: crystals, feathers, wands, objects that remind you of loved ones, elements of nature, words (cut out or on acetate), and whatever else you feel is special to you and that you wish to eternalize, heal and transform. If you want to use words or drawings, you may pre make either digital or hand made tracing on acetate. If you have a photographic practice already, you may bring your own developed black & white negatives. For your safety, please wear closed toe shoes and bring an apron.

*Please note this is a black & white darkroom. Contact us for any enquiries.
*No prior darkroom experience necessary

Along with the assistance in spiritual content and a little treasure box with materials, we will provide paper, chemistry & safety equipment.

Paulina is a visual artist, born in Rio and based in Melbourne. She explores various mediums in her work such as performance, photography, alternative printmaking, video and sound. Her research and interests lie in the depths of the sacred feminine, the occult and Magick. Paulina’s latest works are connected to the female archetypes, the womb and nature’s cycles. She uses her bodies as channels between the Earth and other dimensions. Paulina is a ritual practitioner and creates bonds between her spiritual practice and her art practice.

Image credit: Linsey Gosper, ABRACADABRA, 2016