Curated by Laura Skerlj
Fergus Binns
Gabriel Curtin
Michael Georgetti
Samson Martin
Viv Miller
Nick Ryrie
Antonia Sellbach
Laura Skerlj
Kate Tucker
January 29th, 2016 – February 20th, 2016

Strange Neighbour is excited to present ‘Elastic Field’ curated by Laura Skerlj as our first exhibition for 2016!

This exhibition presents an approach to contemporary painting where form, narrative, gesture, material and subject matter are combined using aggregational methodologies. Painting’s frame becomes a responsive and open structure—a stretchy space—where pictorial elements come together in energetic formation. Here, parameters established by a single line or grid are determined and disrupted. On other occasions, the frontier between abstraction and representation collapses. Collage meshes references to conflate high and low cues. Materials are stitched, mixed, built-up and bothered. Intuition becomes logic, labour rises up and agency evolves. In these various ways, the frame is agitated to invigorate painting from the inside out, conjuring a space that can reflect on both the dizziness of contemporary culture and the intimate experiences of making and looking.

Viv Miller, courtesy of Neon Parc, Melbourne. Samson Martin courtesy of Tristian Koenig.

To download the exhibition catalogue please click here.




  • Gabriel Curtin, 'Elastic Boundaries' 2015, acrylic on canvas, 71 x 96cm

  • Michael Georgetti, 'NOCI-GNOCCHI' 2016, acrylic paint, spray paint, thermal blanket, mylar plastic sheeting, stickers, hologram stickers, poster paper, pva glue on canvas, 250 x 184 cm

  • Samson Martin, 'After The Whore Of Babylon, 2015, oil on jute, 66 x 41 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Tristian Koenig

  • Viv Miller, 'Active painting 1' 2014, oil, enamel and pencil on linen, 30 x 25cm. Courtesy of the artist and Neon Parc, Melbourne

  • Antonia Sellbach, 'Marker, #1' 2016, oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm

  • Kate Tucker, 'Do the thing/not do the thing', 2015, acrylic, oil on linen and digitally printed cotton on board, 36 x 40cm. Photograph by Matthew Stanton

  • Nick Ryrie, '903 Orbital', 2016, acrylic on MDF, 90 x 120 cm

  • Fergus Binns, 'Life After Clouds', 2015, mixed media on canvas board, 40 x 30 cm

  • Gabriel Curtin, 'Slip!', 2015, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 46 cm

  • Laura Skerlj, 'Reverse Dolphin', 'Hot Pink Flipper' and 'Low Palm', 2016, 25 x 31 cm (each)