Curtated by Linsey Gosper & Jack Sargeant
Jane Burton
Charles Gatewood (US)
Linsey Gosper
Bobby Harrington
Clinton Hayden
Samuel Hodge
Ruby Knight
Richard Larter
Jack Sargeant
Annie Sprinkle (US)
Emma Varker
Konrad Winkler
Heidi Yardley
August 21st, 2015 – September 19th, 2015

Strange Neighbour is pleased to present ‘SEX’. Curated by director Linsey Gosper and writer Jack Sargeant, the show features artists Jane Burton, Charles Gatewood, Linsey Gosper, Bobby Harrington, Clinton Hayden, Samuel Hodge, Ruby Knight, Richard Larter, Jack Sargeant, Annie Sprinkle, Emma Varker, Konrad Winkler, Heidi Yardley.

‘SEX’ explores a diversity of sexualities, looking at the realities and fantasies of sex. The works selected shift from documentations of sexual subcultures to artist’s exploring personal desires. Unrestrained by format, style or medium, the emphasis in SEX is exploration and imagination. Presented as both hung works and in display cases, the exhibition offers the viewer the chance to pay witness to, and explore their own interests in, sex.

Please note: this exhibition contains explicit material and is not suitable for people aged under 18 years. Artists work on the web may be exemplary only, due to the explicit content.

To download the exhibition catalogue please click here.

  • Jane Burton, 'Miss Hazletine' 2015, archival pigment print, 63 x 120cm

  • Charles Gatewood, 'Exhibition! (Woman on a waterbed)', inkjet print, 16 x 22cm

  • Linsey Gosper & Jack Sargeant, 'Eye' 2015, C-type print, 60 x 48cm

  • Linsey Gosper, 'Boy' (detail) 2015, gelatin sliver fibre print, 30 x 40cm

  • Bobby Harrington, 'Still Amber' 2015, gum bichromate on paper, 44 x 23cm

  • Clinton Hayden, 'Untitled #2', GLORY (SERIES) 2015, collage, watercolour paper, gold-leaf, acetate, acrylic, pencil, Polaroid, 18 x 25cm

  • Samuel Hodge, 'Untitled' 2014/15, archival pigment print, 116 x 93cm. Courtesy of the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne

  • Ruby Knight, 'I've Got One Hand In My Pocket' 2015, Pen on archival paper, 38 x 26.5 cm

  • Jack Sargeant & Linsey Gosper, 'Sperm Photogram' 2015, semen and silver gelatin paper, 8 x 10inches

  • Annie Sprinkle, Polaroid, 10 x 10cm

  • Emma Varker, 'Hansel and Gretel' 2011, HD Video, 8.50mins

  • Konrad Winkler, 'Untitled' 2001, Selenium toned silver gelatin print, 20 x 13.5 cm. Courtesy of the artist and M.33, Melbourne

  • Heidi Yardley, 'Prowler' 2015, oil on board, 58 x 40cm

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015

  • 'SEX', Installation view, 2015