Emily Counts (USA)
Tom Dunn (USA)
Roni Feldman (USA)
Linsey Gosper
Nicholas Ives
Donna McRae
Esmeralda Montes (USA)
Michael Vale
June 25th, 2016 – July 16th, 2016

‘Slippery Stories’ is curated by Michael Vale & Tom Dunn, featuring LA and Melbourne based artists.

There is a network of cities around the globe whose citizens share inner worlds, think similar thoughts and walk similar streets. They share a language of experience, hope and desire and this language floats across the air like magic dust, sometimes landing in unlikely places. Through slippery stories and obscure ideas the dreams of the city become a mirror for the dreamworlds of all, both publicly and less so. While the dream factory of Hollywood has both shaped and appropriated our fantasies, the underbelly of shadows and ghostly, drunken poetry has been no less influential.

This exhibition will present the work of artists from two different cities who have inherited, borrowed and re-invented the catalogue of urban dreams. Each sees dreaming as a form of production, a spill of ill-matched jigsaw pieces, and each approaches visuality as something to be read, a basket of clues or signs that can be moulded in myriad ways.

The stories contained by and surrounding these works will be both slippery in the telling and slippery to define. They were most likely born in a puff of smoke, from a lamp rubbed by a thousand Aladdins.

To download the exhibition catalogue essay please click here.

  • Emily Counts, 'Danger Shapes 1' 2016, slip cast and hand formed porcelain, cast and fabricated bronze, 30 x 38 x8cm

  • Tom Dunn, 'Barbra Streisand Portrait Bender Las Vegas: Return to the Flamingo' 13 min video loop

  • Roni Feldman, 'Flare' 2011, acrylic on canvas, 91 x 68cm

  • Linsey Gosper, 'Glenda & Vivian' 2016, C-type print, 30 x 35cm

  • Nicholas Ives, 'Dank Memes of the Dark Ages 2' 2016, oil on linen, 63 x 42cm

  • Donna McRae, 'Quorn 1950' 16mm film transferred to HD digital, 5 min loop

  • Michael Vale, 'Lamp People' 2016, 4:05 video loop, unique edition

  • Installation photograph by Domas Rukas

  • Esmeralda Montes Installation photograph by Domas Rukas

  • Tom Dunn Installation photograph by Domas Rukas

  • Installation photograph by Domas Rukas

  • Michael Vale 'Lamp People' (triptych) 2016

  • Linsey Gosper 'Glenda & Vivian', 'The initials J.B &the French Wife' and 'Wolski and Wilson' 2016

  • Nicholas Ives 'Dank Memes for the Dark Ages', 'Mr. Donut' and 'Dank Memes for the Dark Ages 2' 2016