Devin Briggs
Nolan Hall
Grant Hatfield
Deanna Templeton
Ed Templeton
Clint Woodside
November 8th, 2013 – November 23rd, 2013

Strange Neighbour, in conjunction with the Independent Photography Festival, is pleased to present ‘Rectangular Detritus’ by the Deadbeat Club.

A group show of 6 photographer friends who came together through the sub-cultures of skateboarding and/or art to start making zines. Each working in his/her own way toward a goal of true documentation in its most honest form, whether it be on travels around the world or their home of southern California. The photographers in this show all still work with film and each has a specific dialect and tone, though inhabiting the same geographic and cultural worlds.


  • Devin Briggs, 'El-Lay'

  • Nolan Hall, 'Anthony Braun Perry'

  • Nolan Hall, 'Cactus'

  • Grant Hatfield, 'Jeep creep, Santa Monica, CA' 2013

  • Deanna Templeton, 'Joey & Ashley, Huntington Beach, CA'

  • Ed Templeton, 'Makeup Girls, St. Petersberg, Russia' 2007

  • Ed Templeton, 'Woman crosses street, St. Petersburg, Russia' 2007

  • Clint Woodside, 'Untitled, Los Angleles, CA' 2013

  • Exhibition Documentation

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  • Exhibition Documentation