Curated by Amy Marjoram & Michael Meneghetti

Nicole Breedon (AUS)
Greg Jones (USA)
Pablo Jones Soler (UK)
Kim Laughton (UK)
Hector Llanquin (WALLMAPU)
Zach Nader (USA)
Simon Pericich (AUS)
Georgie Roxby Smith (AUS)
October 30th, 2013 – November 2nd, 2013

Strange Neighbour is pleased to present ‘Embedded’ curated by Excerpt magazine: Amy Marjoram & Michael Menegetti

The works in ‘Embedded’ all mash, twist, suspend or endlessly repeat aspects of screen-mediated living. Where the beautiful and grotesque can be one and the same, where death can be endless or invigorating, where desire is soaked up, cleaned off and expressed as abstracted lifestyle choices. Reality has become quaint. Everything has become easier and more complex. Wallow in the allure, it is as real as anything else.

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  • Georgie Roxby Smith,'The Fall Girl, Machinima, PS3 Skyrim' 2012, still from moving image

  • Greg Jones, 'Summer Stain Solutions' 2013

  • Nicole Breedon, 'End Game' 2009, still from moving image

  • Simon Pericich, 'Like, Like I Like' 2012, still from moving image

  • Zach Nader, 'Optional Features Shown' 2012, still from moving image

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