Curated by David-Ashley Kerr

Liam Benson
Gregory Elms
Juan Ford
Anne Marie Graham
Joan Ross
Natalie Ryan
August 23rd, 2013 – September 21st, 2013

The artists in Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself, the third curated exhibition at Strange Neighbour, present works that contain motifs informed by the influence and ecology of the Australian colonial & post-colonial landscape. It is a place where whitefella follies have transformed a true Arcadia into an infested and feral exotic. This is a landscape where the Australian environment does not resemble a pristine postcard wilderness, nor a European re-imagined Utopia. Instead, it is a strange altered land, strangled and seduced by introduced flora and fauna.

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  • Liam Benson, 'Mrs Boss slays the malevolent scoundrel' 2011, detail

  • Gregory Elms, 'Red Fox' 2010

  • Juan Ford, 'Do unto Other, as You Would Have it do to You' 2013. Courtesy the Artist and Diane Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne and Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney

  • Anne Marie Graham, 'View to Bromeliads' 2009

  • Joan Ross, 'The claiming of things' 2012, detail, courtesy the Artist and Bett Gallery, Hobart

  • Natalie Ryan, 'Pretty in Pink (goat head)' 2009, courtesy the Artist, Diane Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne

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