Curated by Linsey Gosper

Sherry McLane Alejos
Fabrice Bigot & Jane Burton
Georgia Metaxas
Simon Pericich
Kate Robertson
Saskia Pandji Sakti
Mia Salsjo
Vivian Cooper Smith
Terry Taylor
July 19th, 2013 – August 10th, 2013

The Dark Arts is a group exhibition featuring Melbourne based artists whose practice heavily incorporates the colour black. The exhibition is a tribute to Melbourne city’s affinity with the colour. Underlying themes of ritual and the occult are present; the work touching on concealed aspects of our customs, ceremonies and private lives.

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  • Sherry McLane Alejos, 'SANS', 2012

  • Fabrice Bigot & Jane Burton, Là-Bas (Down There), 2012

  • Georgia Metaxas, 'Untitled 28' from 'The Mourners', 2011. Courtesy of the Artist and Fehily Contemporary

  • Simon Pericich, 'PROTEST CELEBRATION SALE', 2008

  • Kate Robertson, 'Dust Landscape # 10', 2012. Courtesy of the Artist and Edmund Pearce

  • Saskia Pandji Sakti, 'Untitled' from 'I hear voices'

  • Mia Salsjo, 'Augustus Gloop', 2013

  • Vivian Cooper Smith, 'Will There Be Stars', 2012

  • Terry Taylor, 'Sarcophagus', 2008-09

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