Curated by Linsey Gosper

Llawella Lewis
Louis Porter
Glenn Sloggett
David Wadelton
Paul White
September 27th, 2013 – October 26th, 2013

The artists in Welcome! Welcome! present work influenced by Australian suburbia. Simultaneously celebrated and despised, the suburbs are a dream for many in the great Aussie quest for home ownership. From good neighbours to strange ones, housing estate to share house, Welcome! Welcome!  probes this intriguing ever-present facet of Australian cultural identity.
There is a tender familiarity in the artworks; childhood nostalgia, unremarkably recognizable architecture and family life, with all its anxieties and dysfunction. Part decay-porn, part renovated dream-home, this exhibition attempts to locate the claustrophobic freedoms of low rise living, in which many of us were raised, through artists work that touches on the essence of this most ‘valuable’ of assets.

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We are very pleased to have seven writers contribute short stories on the theme of suburbia for this exhibition catalogue.

Stuart Spence, Bec Dean, Nathan Hill, David Mutch, Robert Lastdrager, Marion Piper, Dove Rengger-Thorpe.

  • Llawella Lewis, 'Quiltwood' 2013, tracing paper and polyester thread, dimensions variable

  • Louis Porter, 'If I find out who you are I will shit in your MOUTH' from the series 'Correspondence' 2013, laser print, 46 x 33 inches

  • Glenn Sloggett, 'House 375 (3 generations of poverty)' 2004, C-type photograph, 80 x 80cm. Courtesy of the Artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney

  • David Wadelton, 'A Renovated Classic' 2012, oil on canvas, 91 x 183cm. Courtesy the Artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne

  • Paul White, 'Evolutionary Extinction (Commodore Heights)' 2011, Pencil on paper 115 x 285 cm (detail). Courtesy of the Artist and Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

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